Fifth Grade Leadership Camp

We are proud to offer each fifth grader an Outdoor Education experience here at Guerrero Thompson.  Each fall we take our fifth graders to Camp Champions in Marble Falls Texas for 48 hours of experiential learning. Students learn about "challenge by choice", teamwork, least waste as well as trying dozens of things that are new and exciting to them.  We feel very strongly that this is an intrinsic part of their growth and education.  

Students LOVE going to camp, they grow, they create bonds and friendships, and they see a new part of the world.  We encourage ALL fifth-grade students to make plans to join us in October of their fifth-grade year.  


Sarah Robenhorst

5th Grade Teacher (ESL)

512 414-8490

Photo Journal



Archery - learn how to load


Camp Fire




Rappelling - coming down!


Lake Marble Falls


Jumping into the lake!